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    We’re a specialist nurse recruitment agency headquartered in the West Midlands and Worcestershire areas, helping businesses and healthcare staff provide the necessary care to those who deserve it the most.

    Thank you for choosing Severn Angels Healthcare as your premier healthcare recruitment agency to meet all your healthcare needs. Whether you need professional and qualified healthcare workers for your facility or you’re someone who’s passionate about providing quality care, we can help.

    Severn Angels
    Severn Angels

    Our Values – The Three C’s

    Every interaction we have with our clients and candidates to help them both achieve their respective goals is based on three key values: compassion, commitment and competency.

    We have an extensive and painstaking recruitment process which enables us to hire nurses and healthcare staff who are not only equipped with the talent, skills and experience to better serve your clients, but who are also willing to stay up-to-date through the latest evidence-based training in healthcare. This, along with our broad-ranging placement network, helps us deliver safe and effective care, every single time.


    Our Mission

    Our main mission at Severn Angels Healthcare is to be the number one nurse recruitment firm for providing top quality and effective care on an urgent basis, and especially where it’s needed the most. Whether you want one-off care, ongoing scheduled care or emergency care, we are always happy to help you find the best staff across the healthcare sector or help you fill a job vacancy suitable to your talents, skills and experience.

    It is our core philosophy and something we integrate with every hire and job placement – that care should be provided in the most reliable, efficient, affordable and professional way to all those who need it. Quality healthcare is something we really need, especially since the pandemic, where specific kinds of people require it on a daily basis.

    We strive hard to supply staff who are caring, kind and empathetic, and who never shy away from treating those under their care with the utmost kindness, respect and dignity, no matter what their background, age, occupation or anything else, for that matter.

    If you need quality agency workers for your healthcare needs, see our Services page. If you are a passionate individual interested in joining our vibrant staff, see our Jobs page.

    Our Vision

    We pride ourselves on offering effective, hassle-free and professional care across each sector of the healthcare industry. We fully recognise the acute need for providing specialised, high-calibre healthcare staff, and we aim to satisfy that need for a variety of healthcare providers and professional healthcare workers alike.

    If you’re looking for quality staff that has been fully vetted, trained and are professional in their conduct, please visit our Clients page. If you’re a passionate individual interested in joining our vibrant, passionate and ambitious staff, please see our Jobs or Candidates page.

    Why us as your Healthcare Recruitment Agency?

    Given our determined vision and non-compromising caring values, which we instill in the staff we train and supply, Severn Angels Healthcare isn’t your average, everyday kind of nurse hire agency. Unlike most healthcare recruitment agencies, our key focus is on you: our esteemed clients and candidates.

    We believe creating a partnership with healthcare professionals and employers alike from all across the UK, is one of the keys to supplying private sector and NHS healthcare organisations with a highly skilled, well-trained, passionate and motivated workforce.