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    Payroll & Timesheets Submission

    No timesheet No pay

    Our staff are paid weekly every Friday, Timesheets must be submitted on a Monday before 17:30 to be paid on Friday. Please note: timesheet submission times may change during bank holidays.

    Timesheets can be printed from our website or can be emailed or posted to you by your consultant

    To avoid a delay in your payment, before submitting your timesheet please ensure 
    1. All sections on the timesheet are completed clearly and correctly.
    2. You have received a shift confirmation from your consultant before turning up for a shift.
    3. If your shift has a reference number please ensure this is inputted on your timesheet
    4. If you are working on the same ward/home in the same week you can put all shifts on the same timesheet.
    5. If you are working on a different ward or care home, use a separate timesheet.
    6. Ask the ward to complete the staff evaluation section once a month
    7. If it is your first time on the ward ensure you are given an induction and you sign and confirm receipt on your timesheet.
    How to complete your timesheet?
    1. Write your full name as it appears on your passport.
    2. Write the full name of the hospital/client.
    3. Write the hospital/client address.
    4. Write the shift day and date, ward/unit name, start time, end time in 24-hour clock format and any break taken in hours/minutes.
    5. Add the booking reference number, total hours worked,  worker job title & band and worker signature.
    6.  After adding this information, ask the member of staff in charge who is the authorised signatory to clearly print their full name and signature.

    Email all timesheets to: