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    Important traits every Nursing Assistant and Nurse should have

    Nursing is a challenging profession. It helps to have specific personality traits and attributes to be successful and happy in this profession. Here are some essential traits that every nurses and nursing assistants should possess:

    Strong Communications Skills:

    Everyone in a team relies on others for reliable information. For nurses, strong communication skill is essential since they need to communicate with doctors, nurses, caseworkers, families, patients and other healthcare professionals daily. The ability to receive & provide information effectively and efficiently is very much important.

    Attention to details:

    Attention to detail is very crucial while providing care since mistakes can have severe consequences. This is one of the nurse personality traits that can predict how effective they will be in their profession.

    Empathy & Kindness:

    Empathy and kindness are soft skills that every nursing assistant and nurse should have. These attributes help them to connect emotionally with their patients and help them to offer care that truly has beneficial impact on their patients.


    Having plenty of patience is one of the most important skills needed for nurses and nursing assistants. They can provide the best possible treatment if they maintain patience, especially when dealing with patients who are irritable due to medical concerns or elder people who are confused, fearful, or hostile.

    Time management:

    To provide all of your patients with the care and attention they require, you must prioritise your tasks and manage your time effectively. Good time management also lowers your stress levels and allows you to take uninterrupted breaks and have meals.


    Nurses may be required to cover overnight shifts, weekends, and holidays. They may be called in to cover shifts on their days off. So on this challenging profession, flexibility is an essential trait that every nurse and nursing assistant should have.